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100 Women Who Care groups exist around the country, with the first chapter organized in November 2006 in Jackson, Michigan as an efficient and quick way to raise money for local charities.  At their first one-hour meeting, the group of over 100 women each wrote a check for $100 directly to The Center For Family Health, their chosen local charity, raising $12,800 to buy 300 new baby cribs.  


Our chapter was formed by five local women (Cathy Foley, Sandy Metzger, Susan Mundy, Melissa Stroud & Catherine Wood) who were motivated by the unique opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of those in need in our community. The simple idea that when people join together they can do more as a group than they can by themselves. Having just completed our 3rd year of giving, our group has grown to 325+ Women Who Care and we have donated right at $300,000 to Glynn County charities and if you include matching grants, the total in $350,000!


4 times a year our members will gather for a one hour meeting and select a local charity to be awarded $30,000+.

The details are as follows:

  • Members of 100WWC may nominate any Glynn County 501(c)3 via email beginning 2 weeks prior to the meeting

  • The top three nominations will have the opportunity to present their charity to members in attendance at the meeting

  • After the 3 presentations, the members present will vote on which charity to support 

  • If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may send your $100 check (payee blank) with another member along with your proxy vote

  • Each member writes a $100 tax-deductible check directly to the winning charity and checks sent with proxy vote will be completed with the name of the winning charity

If you have the ability to spend 4 hours a year and donate $400/year, please join us to make a difference in our community.

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